After the balloon and the unknown object, Chinese criticism and ridicule of Biden

Beijing criticized US President Joe Biden’s behavior, after two incidents of dropping a Chinese balloon a few days ago and another unidentified object, Friday, over the United States.

And media owned by the ruling Chinese party said that Biden “made the US army appear weaker, by using its fighters to drop a balloon and an unknown object,” and dealt with “hysteria” with Beijing.

China Daily, the largest news outlet in China, published an article in which it said that “the Biden administration’s handling of the Chinese balloon issue last week was aimed at showing the strategic strength of the United States amid fierce attacks by Republicans and the decline in popularity of American officials.”

The article added: “Biden showed the world how immature, irresponsible, and even hysterical the United States was in dealing with the situation.”

The editorial article of the Chinese newspaper, “The People”, monitored what it considered “Biden’s decline in popularity in the United States,” and indicated that “pressure from the Republicans to take a tough stance on China is what prompted Biden to overreact” to the balloon incident.

The editorial said: “The United States should have handled the balloon incident in a calm and responsible manner without letting it be hijacked by bitter internal partisan politics, because a conflict between the two countries would lead to disaster for the entire world.”

While the hardline Chinese newspaper “Global Times” was harsher with Biden, accusing him of “a farcical arrangement of what is happening in the sky in order to appear harsh on China.”

And she added in her editorial: “Less than a week after an American fighter jet fired a missile and shot down a Chinese balloon, which is a completely harmless civilian balloon designed for meteorological use, the United States dropped an unknown object over Alaska on Friday at the order of Biden.”

And she continued, considering that Biden is “stuck in typical partisanship and political correctness,” and indicated that “the orders issued by the White House become laughable.”

And the “Global Times” added: “It seems clear that Biden quickly dropped the second object after being criticized for taking his time with the balloon,” and accused the US administration of trying to “make the military look cool” by confronting what China insists are civilian balloons.

She said, “The United States made a strong case that the (F-22) is invincible when its enemy is balloons. Unfortunately, this is how the United States promotes itself. Bragging about shooting down balloons.”

And she added, “Is the United States strong or weak? It seems very difficult in the face of civilian airships and other harmless things, but in the face of the real battlefield, the choice of the United States is to exhaust others,” referring to the American support for Ukraine in its war against Russia.

About a week ago, US forces shot down a Chinese balloon believed to be for espionage, while Beijing insisted that its purposes were civilian, sparking a new diplomatic dispute between the two superpowers.

And last month, a balloon carrying electronic equipment, which the Pentagon said was for espionage, flew over Canada and the United States, sparking a diplomatic dispute with Beijing, which acknowledged that it belonged to it, but denied that it was for espionage purposes.

According to officials at the US Department of Defense (Pentagon), the balloon entered US airspace for the first time on January 28 over Alaska, before entering Canada on the 30th of the same month and then returning to US airspace, until it fell over the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of South Carolina.

After predicting the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

On Friday, the Pentagon announced the dropping of an “unknown object” over Alaska, which was repeated exactly Saturday with another UFO dropped over Canada.

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