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Malhath TV was created by newswriters and bloggers. The main objective of Taza Time is to deliver the latest information to the reader as quickly as possible. Many expert writers work tirelessly day and night to create this news blog. The main objective of Taza Time is to build a loyal base of readers who watch news online on the web and mobile. We are committed to providing fast and accurate news covering national, international, user interest information, funny news, astrology news, business news, sports news, lifestyle news, etc.

Story of Malhath TV

At the time of planning this website, all the owners and writers were completely sure as to why this news website was created. Social Media News & Technology User satisfaction is our priority, this was the only reason why this brainchild took almost a year to take shape. Malhath TV aims to provide users with information that helps them in daily life, as well as content that provides entertainment and satisfies the desire to read.

On this website, you will get all types of latest news and information…

  • Entertainment News
  • Movies
  • web series
  • tv show
  • technology news
  • web-stories
  • Share Market
  • auto
  • Education
  • etc

Malhath TV Team

Sunny, Co-founder/Home & Garden Designer: malhathtv.com

Hello, My Name is Sunny, I am the co-founder of Malhath TV. I am a Professional Home and Garden Designer. I enjoy writing, and doing garden and home decoration, and am an expert in soundproofing. You can contact me via Twitter.

We MalhathTV Team Support DIGITAL INDIA

He loves to do Blogging related to technology, Android & YouTube. He is also proficient in Photoshop, Video Editing, and Video Making.

Akash Yadav, Writer: malhathtv.com

Akash is very fond of facts. Therefore, I take charge of the concept of Malhath TV. It is our responsibility to write all the content related to natural sciences, society, Castilian, human beings, social sciences, technology, culture, demography, and knowledge. I have been doing content writing for the last 6 years and have been associated with Malhath TV since last year.

Anurag, Writer: malhathtv.com

Anurag has always been interested in fast vehicles. He has been writing about cars for the last 3 years, but he has been interested in cars for years before that. He likes to know about their features and write about them, that is why recently he has been working in the automobile category. And the audience finds his written words quite creative.


If you have any information or suggestions related to this blog, you can email them directly.

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