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CO-Founder/Home & Garden Designer:

Hello, My Name is SD Yadav, I am the co-founder of Malhath TV. I am a Professional Home and Garden Designer. I enjoy writing, doing garden and home decoration, and am an expert in soundproofing. You can contact me via Twitter.

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He loves to do Blogging related to technology, Android & YouTube. He is also proficient in Photoshop, Video Editing, and Video Making.

About Editor:

Akash Yadav is the Senior Editor of ‘Malhath TV’. He has completed his Primary Education (10 & 10+2) from Varanasi in 2008 & 2010 and received his degree in Computer Science & Engineering From Mumbai in 2020. Currently, He is working with www.malhathtv.com. He has good knowledge related to Technology and Sports.


If you have any information or suggestions related to this blog, you can email them directly.

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