After predicting the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, an expert raises concerns about Egypt

The Dutch earthquake researcher and scientist Frank Hogerbets, who predicted the Turkish earthquake, published a new video clip regarding his predictions for the coming period of earthquakes that Turkey or its neighboring countries may witness.

During the video clip on his YouTube channel, Hugerpets said that there were many earthquakes in the area where the earthquake that struck Turkey occurred on February 6, in addition to seismic activity in Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, and some other countries.

The Dutch scientist and researcher added that there has been a change in the pressure distribution throughout the region during the last days after the Turkey earthquake.

And he continued: ‚ÄúPeople ask me if a major earthquake will happen in Lebanon or even Egypt, and I say that in the end yes, because if we look at the history of these countries, they are exposed to great seismic activity, but it is not possible to say for sure based on the recent activity if that will happen next week or in In five or 10 years, nobody really knows.”

Hogerbets predicted a seismic increase in the coming days in the range of 6 degrees on the Richter scale, 6.4 degrees, and possibly up to 6.7 degrees.

  • The Dutch expert and researcher in earthquake affairs, Frank Hogerbets, published a tweet on Twitter, during which he accurately predicted the earthquake in Turkey 3 days before it occurred, and mentioned the countries that will be affected by the earthquake.
  • On February 3, 3 days ago, Hugerpets stated that an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5 degrees Celsius would occur in the region (south-central Turkey, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon).

For his part, the head of the National Institute for Astronomical and Geophysical Research in Egypt, Jad Al-Qadi, denied reports that the country and the countries of the region were exposed to tsunamis after Turkey was subjected to a devastating earthquake, stressing that it had been verified that there was no truth to the exposure of Egypt’s coastal cities to a tsunami wave.

The judge added, during televised remarks: “The state has made unremitting efforts over the past two years and implemented the national strategy to confront earthquake risks.”

He stressed that Egypt does not leave matters to chance or possibilities, and we are preparing to face any earthquake, indicating that there is no danger of any possibility of a devastating earthquake on Egyptian soil.

He explained that tsunamis occur as a result of earthquakes in the oceans and seas, indicating that the country has the ability to deal with any potential crises or emergencies.

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  • The earthquake that occurred in Turkey a few days ago ranks seventh among the deadliest natural disasters this century, surpassing the Japan earthquake and tsunami in 2011 and close to the total number of victims of an earthquake in neighboring Iran in 2003 that killed 31,000 people.
  • The World Health Organization announced that the number of people affected by the devastating earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria this week has reached about 26 million, warning that dozens of hospitals have been damaged.
  • The affected areas in Turkey extend over a distance of 450 km from Adana in the west to Diyarbakir in the east.
  • In Syria, the earthquake claimed lives as far as Hama, 250 kilometers from the epicenter.
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