Expand Small Rooms: 5 Valuable Tips

In large metropolises, where the demand for real estate and the cost of living are usually very high, an increasingly visible trend in the real estate market is the supply of apartments and residences with smaller footage. But do you know how to expand small rooms?

In São Paulo, for example, in the last seven years, properties below 30m² today represented 22% of all real estate launches in the capital. The projects between 30m² and 45m² already accounted for 50% of the new ventures in the same period.

The data is from the São Paulo Residential and Commercial Property Purchase, Sale, Leasing and Administration Companies Union (Secovi-SP).

Faced with this scenario experienced by millions of people, it is essential to use creativity. There are decoration techniques that can help make these small spaces more comfortable and practical for day to day.

Betting on light tones, using custom furniture, opting for sliding doors, investing in multifunctional furniture, in addition to exploiting and reflecting natural light well, are actions that can make a compact rooms appear larger than it really is. In this Malhath TV Blog article, we will introduce each of these tips. Come with us!

Expand Small Rooms

1. Bet on light colors

Bet on light colors Expand small rooms
Bet on light colors (Expand small rooms) : (Image Credit: tarkettlatam.com)

Colors can directly influence our perception of an rooms. Dark tones, for example, are more sober tones and work well in large spaces. Light colors are more versatile and contribute to the feeling of spaciousness when applied in smaller premises.

In addition to giving preference to furniture in lighter shades, the essential thing is to invest in a covering that harmonizes with this palette. At Tarkett, you’ll find a variety of light-colored vinyl flooring options, from wood to models that replicate the effect of concrete and also natural stone, such as marble.

2. Expand small rooms: Potentializes the effect of natural light

Another excellent technique to make the rooms seem larger is to make good use of natural light in the rooms, using it to your advantage. For this, it is very important that you maximize the entry of sunlight through the windows, always using curtains and blinds – without proper protection, UV rays can discolor the floor.

In addition to this, using a large mirror in the rooms, reflecting the entrance of light, is an excellent way to increase the clarity of the rooms. Another tip is to use the mirror in such a way that the mirror reflects as many elements as possible, giving the room a sense of continuity.

3. Invest in custom furniture

In rooms with reduced footage, every centimeter misused is greatly needed. That is why it is essential that there is a personalized planning for the insertion of furniture.

In this case, if possible, invest in custom furniture. In addition to facilitating circulation in the rooms, this type of furniture can make your day-to-day more practical, once it is designed according to your needs.

4. Use multifunctional furniture to expand small rooms

In addition to those planned, an interesting bet for small rooms is to use multifunctional furniture. Armchairs with compartments, shelves, tables with drawers and even sofas with trunks can be great allies in organizing the premises.

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5. Opt for sliding doors

As we said before, every inch matters a lot in a small space. Thus, not taking advantage of a few tens of square centimeters to move a conventional door is not an option.

Sliding doors allow more mobility in reduced footage and there are even models that do not use an exposed rail, since they are incorporated into the wall with the help of a drywall base.

Not because an rooms is compact it must not be well decorated and functional! Did you already know and know how to apply these techniques to gain more space in the room? Comment here what you think of the tips and take the opportunity to leave another solution in case you know it!

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