Plausible – Concept, Definition, Origin and Examples of use

Plausible Definition – We explain what something plausible is, the origin of the term, its synonyms, and antonyms. Also, various examples in sentences.

What is something Plausible?

In Spanish, we use the adjective plausible to name those referents that we consider acceptable, credible, recommendable or even possible, viable. Situations, facts or ideas can be called plausible. In fact, the root meaning of the word, as contemplated by the Royal Spanish Academy, is “worthy or deserving of applause.”

This is because the term plausible comes from the Latin word plausibilis, derived from the verb plaudere, “to applaud.” A gesture that, as we know, is used at the end of a speech, a work or an address, to express our pleasure, agreement or support for whatever we have just witnessed.

So, by extension, everything “worthy of applause”, that is, plausible, is considered worthy of approval or even praise, for whatever reasons: because it is possible, because it is relevant, because it is correct, because It is feasible, because it is recommended, etc.

Thus, when we say that a suggestion is plausible, we are stating that it is a good suggestion, that we consider it feasible, relevant, appropriate, or even courageous.

Some synonyms of plausible are the following terms: praiseworthy, laudable, meritorious, commendable, admissible, acceptable, acceptable, viable, credible, and possible. On the contrary, the following adjectives are antonyms of plausible: reprehensible, objectionable, inadmissible, vituperable, impertinent, unacceptable, unfeasible, impossible, incredible.

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Examples of the use of plausible

Below are some examples of the use of the term “plausible”:

  • Phillip Roth’s literature is among the most plausible in the United States.
  • We are committed to carrying out plausible actions in our country.
  • We decided to meet until someone had a plausible idea.
  • A plausible second half from the German forward scored the winning goal.
  • Not everything done in war is plausible.
  • I’m afraid they found no plausible conclusions in that report.

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