You get to see Memes everywhere on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or any other social media sites & applications. In which there can be funny memes, sad memes, inspirational memes, meme meaning or any other kind.

But have you ever thought what is the meaning of Meme? How to say it in Hindi? How to make it? And if you are searching that Meme meaning in Hindi then you have come to the right place.

To grow followers, likes and shares on social media and to create active fans are the most panacea weapons. ‘Meme’ can be made on any person, thing, place.

You yourself have also seen funny animal memes, politician memes or many other types of emotional, funny and inspirational memes on the Internet. But maybe you do not know what is the meaning of its meme? And when did it originate?

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Meme Meaning

It is an idea that is sent from person to person for the purpose of mimicry or pranks. Memes can be in the form of Image, Video, Text or GIF. Now understand it in easy language, then only those images, text or videos that come on social media are called memes.


Its use has become common on the Internet for a few years and today the most popular, in such a situation, we all feel that this is a completely new term like other Internet terms. But it is not like this at all, Meme was first used in 1976.

Meme meaning in Hindi: an idea or behavior that is transmitted from person to person in a culture

Richard Dawkins’ book The Selfish Gene was published in 1976 and the word ‘Meme’ originated from it and was used for the first time in the same book. The word meme is a shortened form of the word mimeme. Which means.

Evolutionary principles in explaining the spread of ideas and cultural phenomena.

This is the meaning of the original meme which was told by Richard, but the meaning of Internet Memes is something else.

Internet meme is an idea, media activity that is used by one person for any other person, place or Vastu with mimicry and humorous purpose. It can be any type of image, video and GIF or it can be any text.

The Internet meme concept was first shared on Usenet (Worldwide discussion system) in the 1990s. After that, in 2005, a meme video on YouTube named Rickrolling Meme became very popular and it was shared fiercely by the people and this is why internet memes dominated the most minds.

Today, all kinds of memes are seen on social media, whether it is Motivational memes, Inspirational memes or the most popular African meme boy Ositha – everyone uses them to increase engagement and followers on social media. Today big brands share memes on their social media accounts according to the situation.

How many types of Memes are there?

By the way, no one or two topics are decided for meme, we can make meme on any topic, person. But there are some topics which are most famous from the beginning to today and they are also known as classification of memes. These below meme types are used the most and people like to see them the most.

1. Classic

Such memes have an image in which there is a photo of a person and text is written in the Impact font above and below it, all such memes fall in the classic category.

2. Dank

Such memes are the best which are made with a unique idea and are also known as internet in-jocks and are mostly made on popular television shows, movies and games.

Along with these there are many other meme types which are very popular on the Internet. Like marketing, pape, vine, LOLcats, Surreal etc. It is also used a lot as social media and WhatsApp meme.

3. One-Hit Wonder

This is the most rare memes and is considered to be the best meme type, mostly it is made only once or say it is made only for one work. Like writing a nice caption on a beautiful photo and sharing it. It is mostly used to make meme on music.

4. The Education

In this way memes are very beneficial for common people because memers share the solution of all the problems related to education in a funny way through meme. This makes people remember them easily.

5. The Trenders

Such memes stay in trend for some time then suddenly disappear and as long as they live they are trending fast on social media and attract everyone’s attention. As you must have seen many such memes on your Binod some time ago.

6. The Series

As its name is made in Series meme or a collection and you must have seen many such accounts on Instagram that share similar memes and their entire collection is in a series.

How to make Memes?

If we want, we can download free made memes or if we want, we can make it ourselves. If you have knowledge about Photoshop photo editing software. So you can make your own custom memes from it. Along with this, there are many tools online from where you can make meme on any topic, I am telling here about one such free meme maker tool.

This is a Fastest & Free Meme Generator website from where you can create on any trending & viral topic according to your need. Let us know about how this works.

First there is an image sample on the Imgflip website and if you want, you can test how memes are made.

After visiting the website, upload the image file on which you want to make a meme by clicking on Upload your own image, if you do not have an image then you do not need to worry about it. There are already many images on this website on which you can add text.

Most important for any memes is the text written on it and here we get 2 default text boxes from which we can add text on the image and if we need 2 more text boxes then we can add more along You can manage text color and alignment.

After adding the text, our meme is ready and now by clicking on the generate button it can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email or any other social media sites. It can be embedded with the website and if you want you can also download it.

What are the benefits of making a meme?

We all know that people share memes for fun but maybe you do not know, it is a main source of earning money from social media.

There are many such social media pages which have become so popular due to meme sharing that you cannot even imagine. In this, the name of a popular page is RVCJ – it has about 14883203 likes on its FB page and this page admin earns lakhs of rupees.

We all know that memes go viral very fast and people like, share and tag them easily. With this, if you create a page, then if you are constantly sharing memes on trending and viral topics, then the followers on your page will increase very fast.

As the followers on the page increase, the demand for your page will increase and the brand will make direct requests for paid promotion to you.

Millions of memes are shared on the internet everyday but some of these popular meme faces are often seen by us on social media with different meanings. In these, I will tell you the examples of some such memes which have settled in our mind.

Drake Hotline Bling Memes

This is one of the most popular Drake is a Canadian rapper. His Bling Meme is very famous. Especially it is used when there is a comparison of any two quotes, products, services or anything and one of them is your favorite and the other you do not like.

African Boy Memes

There is an actor from Nigeria whose name is Ositha. He has worked in many films and TV shows, his memes are viral all over the world. Ositha’s memes are considered to be the internet’s most viral and trending. This is an example of funny meme category.

Distracted-boyfriend memes

A boy who already has a girlfriend looks at someone else. Although this is not a meme, people have made thousands of memes using its expressions and the internet has become a great example.

Smart Kids Memes

Once in childhood, Sam Griner took a photo with his father and his father posted it on social media, which became so viral that people started knowing him as Smart Kids Meme and there is also a motivational story of Sam. He got his father treated with the money earned from the meme.

Friends, you must have seen a lot of funny meme, dank memes but hope you have come to know today what is its meaning? And since when has it started going viral. Memes are used the most today as a form of marketing and audience engagement and can be a best marketing technique for you if you want to increase followers on the internet. If you have any suggestion regarding this, then definitely share it in the comment. For More Information Visit Again: Malhath TV


Q. What do you mean by mime?

Answer: An idea, behavior, style, or use that spreads from person to person within a culture.

Q. Which is the best meme?

Answer: About 60 percent of all memes are political in nature.

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